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Haven Caley

When we asked Haley Caley what she loved most about yoga, we were so inspired by her response that we were compelled to share it with you all…

“For years, I’d convinced myself that I wouldn’t like yoga because it was “slow”. I was used to fast-paced, high-impact training. I made myself believe I needed angry rap music for my body to move and to be left sweaty, out of breath and with an empty tank to get results. When yoga was introduced at my gym, I’d just started going as another reason to be out of the house. But for the first time in my life, I started to listen to my body. Each timed breath instilled a calm I’d never felt. Each new pose inspired me. I started to feel strength from the inside out. Yoga made me think and feel. It made me recognise certain things within myself which strengthened my heart and soul. I gained the courage to make changes for my own happiness. I never imagined that focused movements, concentrated energy and meditation would motivate me and enrich my life the way they have. I leave each class with a full tank and I love it”. Haven Caley, Auckland NZ, March 2016 ♡

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