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About MUMU

MUMU means Valiant Warrior in Maori. This name was chosen in honour of New Zealand while playing tribute to one of the foundational poses in yoga, the Warrior pose.

The girls behind MUMU are professional, fashion conscious women who love to have fun. They believe in being good to themselves, their friends and family’s, and to the world, but they’re not nuns…

They have dreams and ambitions and believe in becoming everything they’re capable of becoming, but sometimes, just sometimes, they don’t quite manage to pull it all off as gracefully as they’d hoped for.

Inspired by the opportunity to introduce gorgeous yoga mats to the world, Keli Dierings (the brunette in the photo), and Lara Jane (the blonde) teamed up to create MUMU.

Keli is a professional yoga teacher to some of New Zealand’s top sports athletes. She keeps busy dating one of Auckland’s best DJ’s and models in her spare time. Keli is also from Brazil, which means she speaks fluent Portuguese and has a cute-accent going for her.

Lara Jane tried modeling once when she was younger. Fortunately she realised pretty quickly that she wasn’t destined to a life in front of the camera. She travelled around the world for seven years instead on the “Quest for the Ultimate Lifestyle”, before finally coming home and enrolling in an MBA at University. In between her studies and wanderlust, Lara Jane founded Y for YOUTH, a nonprofit that creates sustainable funding for youth organisations.

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